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Deadly Skies - Unofficial Excerpt

Deadly Skies - Unofficial Excerpt

Chapter 1

Twisting his body to see what had caused the sudden ripping sound to fill the air, Jamie shouted when the world split in two, and in the middle of the split another world shined back at him. Jamie screamed and bit Aidan on the shoulder, clawed at his back, anything to try and get Aidan to release him, but nothing he did stopped Aidan from advancing forward.

Jamie's last scream for help echoed throughout the alleyway before it disappeared from his sight.

Groaning, eyes wide with fright, Jamie’s throat burned from shouting. His body tingled strangely after entering the rip separating his world to the one Aidan crossed over to. Struggling, Jamie hyperventilated as his house disappeared as the jagged doorway closed with the soft snap of finality, and the sight of an unfamiliar landscape greeted him.

Alien stars bedded in darken skies twinkled back at Jamie when he lifted his eyes, and in those skies two unnaturally large moons welcomed Jamie, casting their frighteningly reddish light upon him.

Foreign scents assaulted Jamie’s scenes. Choking his panic down, Jamie’s head whipped to side as rustling came from the night blackened forest surrounding them. Dozens of pairs of unblinking, glowing, yellow eyes shined from out of the void. Confusing whispers drifted to Jamie in the wind, and on the ground eerie shadow arms slivered quickly towards him.

Snarling, Jamie swiped his claws at the long fingered hands just as they were about to touch him. Wherever those hands came from retreated, but followed, matching each step Aidan took, and from within the ink like substance those appendages disappeared into, a high pitch child’s laughter rang, sending a chill down Jamie’s spine.

Vulnerable, Jamie began his struggles anew.  His short skirt did nothing to protect Jamie’s nearly exposed rear end from Aidan’s stinging slap, a silent command to cease his struggling. Regardless of Aidan’s wordless warning, Jamie— weakened from his earlier fight— still fought for his freedom from his captive perch on Aidan’s shoulder.

“Be at ease, Jamie. They mean no harm. They are just curious,” Aidan calmly said, not stopping in his journey to where? Jamie could only fear. And despite Aidan’s reassurance, Jamie continued to growl in warning at the unseeing things following, the creatures stopping only after Aidan stepped out of the darkened forest, and out into a clearing of tall grass.

“Release me!” Jamie growled, as he dug his claws into Aidan’s back. Not expecting a reaction, Jamie was startled when Aidan suddenly halted and, with sickening ease, lowered Jamie from his shoulder and slowly down the full length of his hard body. Aidan did not bother hiding his aroused state as he held onto Jamie a moment longer before Jamie’s feet touched the ground. Jamie tried his best to stand on wobbly legs in front of Aidan. 

Jamie’s thoughts of flight evaporated as Aidan began to strip out of his torn, bloodied, shirt. Exposing broad shoulders, hard pecs and rippling abdominal muscles.

The wound Jamie received from the vicious bite Aidan gifted him with throbbed, as did another part of Jamie  and his mouth unwillingly watered as he stared at the delicious sight of Aidan’s naked chest. As if reading his desire, Aidan smiled at Jamie and raised an arrogant brow. 

Angered at himself for his body’s reaction, Jamie turned his face away only to look back when Aidan gave a large sigh of relief. Magic Jamie never felt before caressed his skin as it whispered around him, and in the middle of that strange magic stood Aidan.

Jamie paled. Large, golden, scaled leathery wings spread out in a frightening display from Aidan’s back. And Aidan…Jamie’s eyes traveling up…and up. Staring at an inhumanly wide chest of a much bigger man who’d a second ago stood before him. Spinning on his heels Jamie finally tried to run.

Steel breams locked around Jamie’s waist, and with a shout of terror his feet lifted from the ground, ground that began to disappear as Jamie was taken up in the air.

“Shh, I have you,” Aidan whispered into his ear.

Shifted in Aidan’s arms, Jamie wrapped his legs tightly around Aidan’s waist, his arms around Aidan’s neck, and then squeezed his eyes closed as the wind rushed through his hair and clothes.

Cold, tired and hurt, Jamie finally succumbed to the welcoming darkness that had been beckoning him since he’d been captured by Aidan.  Jamie gave himself up to the fearful winged creature holding him security in his powerful arms— carrying him off to the unknown.


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